How do I sign up?

After you install the app to your phone, start it up, and you can select to sign up either using your Facebook account, or with your email address and a password. After you sign up, you can pick a unique Screen Name that we will display to other players.

Does the game work on both Apple and Android phones?


Can I play on my iPad or Android tablet?

Not at this time.

How do I create a Gameroom?

From the Home screen, select Host a Gameroom. Then pick the football matchup you want to play. Select to either make it Invitation-only (players can only join via an invite from you) or Public (anyone can join.) Enter an optional message for all other players to see in the Gameroom. Once done, you can select to sponsor the Gameroom so that other players don’t need to use a pack to play. Finally, send invitations to your friends to join you.

Is the GridFL app free to download?

Yes, it is free. You will also get your first game free whether it is through your download or through a sponsor from another player. You will have to purchase Packs of GridFL Bingo! cards to play more games.

How much does it cost to play?

To play you need a Pack of Bingo! cards, there are two cards in a pack, one for the 1st Half and one for the 2nd Half of the football game. Packs are sold as 2 for $0.99 or 10 for $2.99. You can also be a hero and sponsor a Gameroom of up to 6 players for $1.99.

Can I sponsor a Gameroom with people who haven’t signed up yet?

Yes. After sponsoring the Gameroom, you’ll have an option to invite people to join it. You can send a text message or email with the details and a link that will install the game and take them directly to your Gameroom.

Why does the score not automatically change when I hit Bingo! or mark a space?

When claim Bingo!, other players have 30 seconds to challenge your claim, so your score won’t update until your Bingo! has been confirmed.

When you mark a space, you will receive 100 points when the event reaches at least 50% reporting. Check the List View to see the percent reporting for events.

Why didn’t I get a bonus after marking 4 spaces?

You’ll receive a bonus when each of the events in the 4 spaces reaches at least 50% reporting. Check the List View to see the percent reporting for events.

Can I unmark a space?

You can unmark a space that isn’t part of a confirmed Bingo! (space has a blue triangle in the lower right corner.)

If you unmark a space that is part of a pending Bingo! (outlined in yellow), your Bingo! claim will be cancelled.

If you received points for marking this space because the event % reporting reached 50%, you will keep the points even if you unmark it. But, since event % reporting already reached that level, maybe you should reconsider marking the space since many people have reported it as having happened. Check the List View to see what the current % reporting is for the event.

What if I hit Bingo! and it was a mistake?

The game will not register a Bingo! if you do not have 5 spaces marked in a row. If you mark a space accidentally and hit Bingo! you can withdraw your Bingo! In the scoring area, select the countdown timer next to your own name, and select Withdraw.

How do I Challenge someone else’s Bingo!?

If at least one of the spaces marked is at less than 50% reporting, a 30-second countdown timer will appear next to the player’s score. You can click on the timer and see the 5 events the player is claiming for their Bingo! If you disagree that an event has happened, you can click on it and select Challenge Bingo! And, you cannot challenge an event that you have already marked on your own card. However, if the 30-second countdown timer runs out with no challenge, the Bingo! will be confirmed. A Bingo! with all 5 spaces over 50% will instantly be confirmed.

What do I do if someone Challenges my Bingo!

If someone challenges your Bingo! you will have to decide whether to Confirm or Withdraw! The game will not allow a Bingo! with an event at less than 34% reporting to be confirmed.

What happens if I’m not done using my bonuses at the end of the half/game?

Bonuses are reset at the end of each half, and are only valid for the Gameroom where they are earned.

Can I be in two Gamerooms at the same time?

If you are playing on two different devices, you can be in multiple Gamerooms.

What if I decide not to play? Can I drop out?

Yes. If you are in the Gameroom, select the menu button in the upper left, and select Home. At this time, other players in the Gameroom will still see you as a player. Please note that once you’ve opened a Pack in a Gameroom, it can not be returned to your Pack inventory.

When I use the Substitute Bonus can I Substitute for an event that has already happened and then mark that space right away?

Yes, if you are lucky enough to have the option to choose a space for something that has already happened, you can select that event and mark the space.

What if I’m watching on DVR?

If you set up a Gameroom with your friends and family and all start at the same time, you can play within 24 hours of kick off and the % reporting will make an adjustment to your start time. Of course, if you fast forward through the commercials, you will get somewhat ahead and crowd % reporting will be a bit behind for your Gameroom.

Is there a chat feature?

Not at this time.

Where does % reporting come from?

The game takes into consideration all of the players in the network who are playing the game and combines them with the players in your Gameroom to come up with a % of the crowd who is reporting that event marked on their card.

Is the game connected to the television broadcast?

No, the game works completely independent from the broadcast. The crowd % reporting follow what is happening in real time, which keeps GridFL close to in synch with the broadcast.

I selected Join Games I’m Hosting or Join Invited Games, but the game I’m looking for is not in the list.

Games are removed from the list 24 hours after the start time of the matchup.

How do I contact GridFL?

We can be reached at customerservice@gridfl.com

Who is Oliver Henry Games LLC?

The company who makes GridFL. Founded by long time video game industry execs. Oliver Henry can be reached at ohenry@gridfl.com.

What if I want to cancel my account or my child’s account?

Please contact us at policy@gridfl.com and we will be happy to delete your account

Rev 2, 1/25/18