8 great super bowl party tips

Serve football-shaped everything! Pizza, cheese, cookies. Get creative!
Make a game out of the game with the Grid F L football bingo app. Decide on what's at stake for the winner: pride, dish duty, or a prize. Easy to play for fans of all levels and ages! Download free on Apple's App Store or on Google Play.
Root for Team Ruff or Team Fluff in the Puppy Bowl. Did you know that they are all adoptable shelter dogs?
Randomly assign guests a team to root for and encourage them to wear team colors. Buy some face paint or wash-out hair color to take it over the top. Make team-colored Jello shots or add team-colored candy to your snack mix.
Lay out paper and markers and give prizes for the most creative signs. Vote for the best commercial. Set up your own foam football target challenge!