Object of the Game

The player with the highest score at the end of the 2nd half is the winner! Points are earned both by marking spaces and claiming BINGOS! Play continues as players in the Gameroom score BINGOS! and mark spaces, trying to get as many points as possible. Cards are refreshed at halftime. Points carry over from the first half to the second half of the game, even though play starts with a fresh bingo card for the 3rd quarter. Bonuses do not carry over so be sure to use them all before ending the half..

Sign Up and Login

First time players download the app for free from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and create an account using Facebook or an email address and a password. Next, create a screen name of up to 13 letters or numbers with no spaces, like QBWAN17, or GR8TFAN, or BRUISER. Profanity, or names with an inappropriate meaning are not acceptable and may result in an account being deleted.

Select a Matchup and Join a Gameroom

Once logged in, choose to Host a Game and invite up to 5 other players or Join Invited Game to accept a game you were invited to. Choose the Matchup for the football broadcast you plan to watch and want to play along with. You can also Join a Public Game. You can also join a specific Gameroom by entering a 4 digit Gameroom ID code like Im4u - ID codes are case sensitive. Keep track of this code and use it to let other players join you. Once you’ve joined the Gameroom, you will see the screen names of the other players who have joined.

Hosting a Gameroom

When you host a Gameroom, you can invite as many players as you like, but only the first 6 players who Join will get a spot. Gamerooms are limited to 6 players including yourself. You can invite players by text or email, you can also provide them the Gameroom ID. If you are inviting friends you have played with before, you can select them by screen name and then message them to let them know they have been invited. You will also have the opportunity to be a hero and fund the Gameroom for $1.99, which means that no one, including you, will need to purchase card Packs to play. Include a customized message to tell players what is on the line for the winner.

Preview Card and Start the Game

About two hours before game time, you will be able to select Preview Card. Review the plays on your card by both Card View and List View. It is helpful to be familiar with all of the events on your card before the football broadcast begins. At kickoff, anyone in the Gameroom can select Start 1st Half and the GridFL match will begin, allowing you to start marking spaces for events as they occur in the football game.

List View also displays a % column. This is the percent of players with that event on their card who have marked that it has happened. It is very useful to follow the crowd's percent reporting if you miss a play, or aren’t confident that something has actually happened. The % reporting is also used by the game to determine whether to award points, bonuses or accept a challenge to a Bingo!


Marking Spaces - Spaces can be marked in either Card View or List View. Marking a space on either view will change it from black to green. 100 points are scored for each marked space once it reaches 50% reporting. Your square will remain green even if you have not been awarded points or a bonus until the % threshold is reached.

Claiming a Bingo - When you have marked 5 spaces in a row - across, down or diagonally, select BINGO!. You will see a countdown timer that shows time remaining to confirm or challenge. While pending the countdown, the BINGO! spaces are outlined in yellow, once confirmed, you'll see a blue triangle in the lower right corner of the space. If all 5 squares have reached 50% reporting, are involved in another Bingo or the center square, an instant Bingo! will be awarded.

Bingo points for the Gameroom are scored: 500pts 1st Bingo, 400pts 2nd, 300pts 3rd, 200pts 4th and beyond.

Challenging a BINGO! - When you see BINGO! and the countdown timer next to an opponent’s name, you can click to see a list view of the 5 spaces they marked for their BINGO!. You can select one of their events that has less than 50% to challenge. If a challenged BINGO! has an event with less than 33% it will not be allowed to be confirmed. If you have marked the space on your own card, you lose the right to challenge it. If there is no challenge, the BINGO! will be awarded, even if some spaces are less than 33%. It is important to check your opponent’s BINGO! just to keep them honest.


One Bonus Point is earned for every 4 spaces marked. Spaces must have all reached 50% reporting to earn the bonus. One bonus is also awarded for each BINGO! Use a Bonus to try to trip up your opponents, or to improve your own chances of winning, with these Bonus Items

Substitution: Select a space on your card that you would like to swap out, three choices will be presented for substitution.

Scramble: Use to scramble all unmarked spaces on your card into new locations (could be a good or bad result) to improve your chance of getting a Bingo!

Time Out. Select an opponent to force a Time Out and block their card from play for 60 seconds.

Turnover: Select an opponent and a random space will be turned over on their card. You'll get a choice of three events to substitute. They'll see that you've given them a new event on their card (disruption that could be good or bad for them and you)

Ending Half/Game

When the broadcast game clock hits :00, select End Half. When any player in the Gameroom selects “End Half”, a notification pops up stating Player ended the 1st Half. You have a choice to Resume 1st Half to complete all remaining plays and use all of your remaining Bonuses. (Bonuses will not carry forward to the 2nd Half). If the timer reaches :00 without anyone Resuming, the system will automatically show a preview of the 2nd Half card. A similar process occurs at the end of the game.

At the beginning of the 3rd Quarter, any player can select "Start 2nd Half" at kick off and the game will begin for all players.


Scores continue from one half to the next, the highest final scoring player is declared the winner!

Delayed Recording

If you record the game and begin watching an hour or two after the scheduled kickoff time, you can still Host a Gameroom. GridFL will synch your Gameroom to the time you start viewing. This should keep % reporting timed close to when you see events occur.